Frequently Asked Questions

How should I use my case?

This product is designed for the short-term storage of tablets. There is a keyring hole at the top to attach your car or house keys should you wish, alternatively it’s equally happy floating around in trouser pockets, bags and beyond. Simply unscrew the lid, pop in your tablets and you’re good to get on with wherever it is your day takes you.

How many pills will fit in my case?

As every pill manufacturer makes different sizes it’s impossible to give an exact answer, but as a guide our founder Lucy can fit five large Creon tablets. For regular size 500mg Paracetamol cases fit 8 and for contraception/hayfever tablets cases can fit up to 30. 

What about sustainability?

Our cases are made from durable stainless steel, plastic free and come in fully recyclable packaging. We’re also looking to become carbon neutral as we grow as a business, so watch this space…

How big is it?

7.5cm and weighs around 60g.

Is this food grade?

Absolutely, our cases are made from food grade stainless steel. Worryingly, some pill cases out there are not food grade due to a lack of legislation in the industry. We would always please encourage you to check wherever you decide to buy your case from, and tut very loudly at those that are not. If tutting isn’t your thing, a furrowed brow will suffice.

Can we chat? 

Always! Please feel free to email and I will come back to you personally as soon as I can. For any sales emails, thank you very much for reaching out but we have everything we need for the moment so regrettably will not be able to reply.