Frequently Asked Questions

How do the cases work?

On the daily pill case it has a screw top close and there's a hole at the top should you wish to attach a lanyard or a keyring, alternatively it's equally happy floating around in trouser pockets, bags and beyond. Simply unscrew the lid, pop in your tablets and you're good to go!

On the weekly pill case, these have 7 labelled day compartments to organize your meds for the week ahead. The compartment lids are removable so it's easy to give them a clean so just pop in your pills and you're good to go! 

Is it right for my meds?

Tabuu pill cases are designed for the short term storage of tablets or capsules. As with any pill case or medication, they should always be kept out of the reach of children. 

Certain medications may have specific storage requirements, for example may need to be stored below a certain temperature or in the original foil packaging. Any such requirements can be found on the manufacturers packaging or dispensing label and if you have any questions about how best to store your medication please ask check with a pharmacist! 

How many pills will fit in my case?

As every pill manufacturer makes different sizes it’s impossible to give an exact answer, but as a guide:

For the daily cases you can fit up to 8 500mg paracetamol tablets, 30 contraceptive tablets or 4 Creon tablets (25,000's). The inner diameter of the case is 13.5mm. Please also find a video link here which has a demonstration!  

For the weekly case, you can fit up to 8 500mg paracetamol tablets per each compartment, allowing around 56 tablets in total for the whole case (but again can be much more or much less depending on the size of your pill!).  

How big are the cases?

The daily pill cases are 7.5cm, weigh around 60g and have an inner diameter of 13.5mm.

The weekly case is around the size of a standard smartphone.

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