Three sustainable and durable pillowcases, showing Jet Black, Cosmic Grey and Lavender. Made from stainless steel, the case can fit up to four/five/six tablets depending on size to keep you going throughout the day. Incredibly stylish to look at. Lucy.

Designed with you in mind...

...finally! Waterproof, made from durable stainless steel and sturdy, we’ve designed a pill case that’s happy at brunch, on a hike or wherever else your day takes you.

And on behalf of the rest of the world, we’re sorry it’s taken so long to make a thoughtfully designed, stylish product to fulfil such an important purpose.

We deserve better and we’re here to change things, one product at a time, with a percentage of profits supporting good causes.

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  • Stack of four sustainable, stylish and elegant pill cases made from stainless steel. Colours on show are Jet Black, Cosmic Grey, Lavender and Flamingo Pink. Example pills to show sizes relative to 7.5cm case. Lucy is founder at Tabuu.

    Thoughtfully designed

    Beautiful, stylish, conversation sparking pill cases that also offer discretion on your terms.

  • Lavender Tabuu cases, designed by Lucy and made from stainless steel and is durable to keep you going wherever your day takes you. Can be attached to keyring, car keys, chargers, belts, rings. Durable and won't break as strong, elegant and stylish.


    At 7.5cm, cases blend effortlessly into gymbags, handbags, trouser pockets and everything inbetween. There's a hole for keyrings should you wish.

  • Waterproof Tabuu case shown here in Jet Black. Sustainable and made from stainless steel, this case can keep you going whoever your day takes you, not plastic, and can hold up to six/4/5/6 tablets depending on size. Designed by Lucy, the founder of Tabuu


    Ski slope? Boat? Rainy day? We've got you! Products are fully waterproof so you can have peace of mind that your pills will stay safe and dry wherever your day takes you.