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Tabuu Bottle - Lavender

Tabuu Bottle - Lavender

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hello. i’m the tabuu bottle.

  • i can hold 768mls of water, juice, mulled wine or whatever your drink of choice
  • i’m made from durable stainless steel so I’ll keep everything hot or cold for up to 12 hours. 
  • have a very handy handle (admit it, that was really fun to read. handy handle) for ease of carrying and a concealed straw for hands free speed hydrating on the go 
  • the straw also doubles up as a great bubble blowing device 

but my favourite feature is a top secret compartment which you can unscrew and store useful things in.

whether that’s medication that’s best consumed with water, snacks you’d rather keep hidden from pesky office biscuit stealers (kevin from marketing, we’re looking at you), your keys to solve the never ending “where on earth are my keys” conundrum, your headphone case when you’re in the gym, your room key if you’re headed to the beach on holiday, some coins for an ice cream or anything else, the possibilities are really pretty endless.

10% of all profits generated from bottle sales will be donated to organisations supporting mental health with the hope that i can use my superpowers both to keep you all hydrated but help as many people as i can know that they should never need to keep their feelings bottled up.

now please go and have a day as wonderful as you are.





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